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RasTafari Phenomena (old Rasta Reading Room)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rastafari_movement : read

"Church and The Holy Trinity

Rastas believe that their own body is the true church or temple of God, and so see no need to make temples or churches out of physical buildings.

One type of religious gathering or grounation is reminiscent of Jewish services, and may have influence from rituals of African-American slaves who had converted to Judaism as some Jews in the southern United States owned slaves and escaped to Jamaica.

Rasta doctrine concerning the Holy Trinity relates to the name Haile Selassie meaning Power of the Trinity in Ge'ez. Rastas believe that Haile Selassie is both God the Father and God the Son of the holy Trinity, while it is themselves, and potentially all human beings, who embody the Holy Spirit. Some see Melchizedek in addition to Jesus as having been former incarnations of Haile Selassie."

* rastafari videos [ and visit to Jamaica ]

Esther's book/thesis "Ethiopians & Rastafari



17 min. Ethiopia ()

HIM (Jamaica) 51 min.

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vid Court sentences Mengistu to death [6.6.08]

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