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looks like Ethiopia following Russia as a shadow.

For how long?

Russia made its choice around Y2K, did ET too?


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ethiopia21 -- notes : two congressmen-turned-lobbyists–former House Majority Leaders Richard Armey, the Republican from Texas, and Missouri Democrat Richard Gephardt–are working hard to block full congressional action against the Zenawi regime... 7.27.07

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Rivers of Blood: A Comparative Study of Government Massacres by Brenda K. Uekert; Praeger Publishers, 1995 - 5: Ethiopia: She'Eb Massacre

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Remapping Ethiopia: Socialism and after Journal article by Dena Freeman; Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Vol. 9, 2003

The Ethiopian Transformation: The Quest for the Post-imperial State by John W. Harbeson; Westview Press, 1988

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Afar National Democratic Party or ANDP [leader NA]; All-Amhara People's Organization or AAPO [KEGNAZ MATCH Neguea Tibeb]; Amhara National Democratic Movement or ANDM [TEFERA Walwa]; Bench Madji People's Democratic Organization or BMPDO [leader NA]; Benishangul Gumuz People's Democratic Unity Front or BGPDUF [leader NA]; Coalition of Alternative Forces for Peace and Democracy or CAFPD [Kifle TIGNEH Abate and BEYENE Petros]; Ethiopian Democratic Unity Party or EDUP [Lt. Gen. TESFAYE Gebre Kidan]; Ethiopian National Democratic Party or ENDP [FEKADU Gedamu]; Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front or EPRDF [MELES Zenawi] (an alliance of the ANDM, OPDO, and TPLF); Gedeyo People's Revolutionary Democratic Movement or GPRDF [leader NA]; Gurange Nationalities Democratic Movement or GNDM [leader NA]; Kafa Shaka People's Democratic Organization or KSPDO [leader NA]; Kembata, Alabaa, and Tembaro or KAT [leader NA]; Oromo Liberation Front or OLF [DAOUD Ibsa Gudina]; Oromo People's Democratic Organization or OPDO [KUMA Demeksa]; Sidama People's Democratic Organization or SPDO [leader NA]; South Omo People's Democratic Movement or SOPDM [leader NA]; Tigrai People's Liberation Front or TPLF [MELES Zenawi]; Walayta, Gamo, Gofa, Dawro, Konta People's Democratic Organization or WGGPDO [leader NA]; dozens of small parties

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Elusive Peace: Negotiating an End to Civil Wars by I. William Zartman; Brookings Institution, 1995 - 5: Eritrea and Ethiopia

The Political Economy of Ethiopia by Marina Ottaway; Praeger Publishers, 1990






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