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Twenty years on, why are things so bad in Ethiopia? [World News July 02, 2005]
Despite the billions of pounds in aid pumped into Ethiopia since the 1984 “Band Aid” famine, life for Mrs Gemecho and millions of other Ethiopian peasants has indeed worsened. Ethiopia, the third-poorest country in the world, is one of the clearest examples in Africa today of how aid has failed to pull the country out of poverty.
Handouts of Western grain may have prevented the swollen bellies and deaths of the past, but average incomes have fallen from about $120 a year to about $100. Life expectancy rates, and virtually every other measure of poverty, have all gone in the wrong direction.

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From: "Anatoly Antohin"  
Reply-To: EthioFo...@ethiolist.com 
To: EthioFo...@ethiolist.com (EthioForum Mailing List) 
Subject: Ato Kebede Desta Dies in Woyane Jail - What is the fate of Dr Taye? 
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 18:29:45 -0700 

Unmediated list requires self-moderation on the part of participants. I came to 
EthioForum to learn. I see so many people who want to teach and even preach. 
I'm grateful for the experience I had, many pages of my websites are due to 
inspiration or disagreement with the voices on this list, but the growth is 
everything. This time is a crossroads for Ethiopia and I thought the electronic 
Ethiopians will play their historical role, because Ethiopia needs public 
forum, not a chat room. 

If people on this forum believe in Ethiopia's future, they should know that 
Ethiopia's troubles won't end tomorrow. Whatever we didn't do today somebody 
has to do it after us. If it will take another generation to put it right, let 
it be. 

When I said -- historical moment -- I mean that the thousands lost lives must 
have place in nation's history and must make a difference. I can't continue 
reading the posts as if nothing happened -- the same personal attacks, name 
calling, inflated egos. To all you claiming to be proud Ethiopians, let 
Ethiopia be proud of you. 

What is America with its 200 years of state history? Do you know why US is a 
super-power today? Because of the choices made by the Americans. Because they 
did what was good for Americans. I wish Ethiopia could take care of her 
problems before going into the obvious critique of Eritrea and Eritreans. 
Thousands are lost over this issue and nevertheless we see the debates over 
Oromo non-Ethiopian identity. That much for lessons of history. That much for 
personal choices. If French can be French and Europeans at the same time, why 
Oromo can't be Oromo and Ethiopians? Look at Eritreans -- they are not 
Ethiopians, not Africans, not Arabs, the list of what they are not is long. 

Since I didn't know who shall I address my letter, I thought that it's better 
just to write an article about Ethiopian politics for Ethiopia section at 
Suite101, where I am an editor. My readership is wide in demographics and 
appreciate their desire to know more about Ethiopia. So many on EthioForum have 
all the answers. We can only wonder why Ethiopia goes from one trouble to 

Ethiopian opposition resembles Ethiopian government. Both have no ideas or 
long-term plans for the country. It's a reactive methodology, when something 
has to take place in order for them to react. There are no visions for Ethiopia 
in both camps. As reactive behavior goes, it's always about what went wrong, 
but never a plan what should be done. Since no one takes active role, the 
course of Ethiopian history is rather predictable, it repeats the path of other 
nations which behaved the same way. 

It's an intellectual anarchy, when Ethiopians have learned the political 
correctness of postmodern democracy without experiencing democracy. It's 
politically embarrassing to recall the traditional forms of Orthodoxy or 
monarchy. But every time I see this abbreviation "TPLF" I wonder why 50 years 
since the classic "1984" was written we still don't understand the double 
speak. There is not even one letter about Ethiopia in this party title! Who is 
representing Ethiopia? All the parties are about different ethnic agendas. And 
don't we know by now that "People" means that people will be killed -- that is 
what "front" stands for -- the war. Liberation? They mean there will be no 
liberties. George Orwell gave rather simple formula to understand their 
non-Ethiopian language. When they say peace, it means war. When they say bright 
future, it means darkness. Aren't you disturbed to see this word "heroic" 
Ethiopian armforces? Do you know why they put this word "heroic" in every 
sentence? Because it is the cheapest way to cover the tragedy -- lost lives. 
Because only heroism can save Ethiopia from stupidity of its leadership. Why 
should Ethiopians be proud and poor? Could they be proud of their prosperity? 
It is shameful to be rich in our politically correct world. 

Seems to me that Ethiopians are ready to get into discussion of meaning 
"Shabia" instead on identifying this party on the basis of their ideology, 
which is socialist at best. They can call themselves the way they want, I don't 
have to accept their definitions. National-socialism is a socialism and Issayas 
is Eritrean only to enforce his socialist models. That's why he can throw away 
so many lives of actual Eritreans. EPLF and TPLF unity was based on their 
convictions and they hadn't change. 

In Sweden they can afford socialism, for Ethiopia socialism is a prescription 
to stay poor. In fact, as long as Ethiopia and Eritrea stay poor, the parties 
in Addis and Asmara will stay in power. This war serves them right, the moment 
Ethiopia will have middle class there will real alternative power structure. 
Both governments will prolong this conflict as long as they possibly can, 
because what is good for Ethiopians and Eritreans are bad for them. In how many 
words can we express the simple fact that they are NOT REPRESENTATIVE (elected) 
governments? How many other history lesson do we need to understand that 
someone born in Ethiopia is not necessarily to serve Ethiopia's interests above 
his own? The diaspora itself is a proof that personal interests are more 
powerful than interests of the country. Why should it different for people in 
Addis? They are in Menelik palace because it is more beneficial for them at the 
moment than to move to Washington D.C. How much do they have Ethiopia in their 
hearts? What is out there I missed in TPLF documents, which can tell me that 
their party was originated for the benefit of Ethiopia? If they indeed fight 
for Ethiopia, why doesn't TPLF make itself all-inclusive ETHIOPIAN 

Maybe I'm in minority but the war made me more critical of Meles, not less. I 
was supportive till the lessons of 1998-99, I wanted to believe that the civil 
war is over. The years of the great war didn't turn Stalin into nationalist, he 
sent the war heroes into labor camps and died a communist. The new jail 
sentences in Addis to opposition is an indication that the government is not 
about to become Ethiopian for all Ethiopians. There is no amnesty for 
prisoners, which traditionally is done at the time of war. There are no changes 
made since May 1998, when Meles should re-evaluate his policies. If this event 
is not big enough to change the political direction of the government, I don't 
know what other catastrophe Ethiopia has to live through to have any hope for 

We live in the times without any shame. I don't expect Meles will resign or 
offer some apology to Ethiopia. Let Eritreans ask for accountability from 
Issayas, Ethiopians should ask it from their leaders. As long as it's not a 
demand of the nation, the country lives under a colonial government of 
foreigners. As you thought that the elite regime of governing is gone in 1974? 
It is more alive than ever. 

For centuries Ethiopia lived in isolation, because Ethiopia had life of its 
own. Till now, when Ethiopians ashamed to be Ethiopians. Even at the times of 

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